I do not offer templates or distribute cookie cutter programs. What you get when you hire me as your online coach is personalized programming, nutrition guidance, remote coaching/technique analysis, and constant communication. You can have the most challenging and well written program in the world, but without clear communication and solid accountability, you’re more than likely not getting everything you can out of your training.

The majority of my clients have stuck with me long term. Not because they need someone to hold their hand, but because I have made the training process that much more simplified and structured for them. Once I send you your first week of training, all you should have to worry about is putting in the work. Because I expect nothing but the utmost effort from each of my clients, I only take on serious inquiries. If you are looking for a cheap and easy workout plan that anyone can copy paste off the internet, then I’m probably not the coach for you. But if you’re looking for a custom designed training regimen specific to your goals, expectation, lifestyle, and schedule: I am here to help!

All of my online clients receive:
  • 15-minute initial consultation over the phone
  • Weekly customized workouts based off your facility/equipment availability, daily schedule, health & injury history, etc…
  • Monthly target macros and eating schedule to pair with your training & composition goals
  • Technique analysis (I will critique any videos you send me of your exercise technique during workouts and testing days)
  • Required weekly check-ins
  • Unlimited email and text message communication (yes, all online clients can access me via cell phone).

If you are interested in hiring me as your coach, please fill out and submit the ONLINE COACHING INQUIRY FORM to be considered. This is what you should expect in regards to  the steps of communication prior to receiving your program.

1. Once you have submitted the ONLINE COACHING INQUIRY FORM, I will respond within 24 hours with some follow up questions and clarification on your answers. I will disclose the amount and how to send payment upon our first email exchange.

2. I do not set up our initial phone call until you have confirmed that you want to move forward. Once I have all the info needed through our phone call, I will send a PayPal request and then schedule a time and date that I will be working on your program. I must receive your payment before writing your program out before the scheduled date.

3. I send finalized programs and weekly workouts every Saturday by noon (ET). This way you can have some time to look things over and shoot me any questions before starting your workouts on Monday.

4. Once you have received your program, you may contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your program or nutrition any time from 6am-8pm (ET) via text or email. I will do my best to respond promptly, but please understand that I may be working with in person training clients or on a call.