Short Version


I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Association having worked with hundreds of individuals across the world both in person and online. I have worked with a very wide range in demographics and don’t like to mark myself down to one particular niche.

Over the years, I have coached:

  • Multiple Navy Seals and various special operators
  • Collegiate, high school, and youth sports teams (wrestling, baseball, soccer, football)
  • First responders and law enforcement
  • Competitive powerlifters
  • Mixed martial artists
  • CEOs, doctors, and executive level clientele
  • Pre and post natal clientele
  • Cancer/remission patients
  • A paraplegic
  • Special needs youth

I have also programmed for and coached various youth and adult large group training classes, mentored personal interns, and been a guest speaker for wellness programs, training facilities, and college students.

Long Version

Growing up in Southern California, I was always an active kid. In between bouncing from skateboarding and surfing to playing baseball and wrestling, I didn’t really have much down time. Athletic culture was just something that was engrained in me at a young age and for that I am grateful.

I first discovered strength training when I was thirteen. Being on the scrawny side and lacking the grit that the more mature kids had, my dad thought it would be beneficial for me to start lifting weights. The confidence I gained in just the first few sessions is incomparable. I’d like to think that this is the confidence boost many others experience when they discover the iron.

Focusing more on strength & conditioning through high school enabled me to progress over the years and compete at higher levels in wrestling. I ended my high school wrestling career as an All-American, Greco Roman State Champion, and Freestyle State Champion. I even got the opportunity to train internationally at the Spartak Olympic Training Center in Alushta, Ukraine and see how Olympic level athletes train overseas.

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I left California to accept an athletic scholarship at Liberty University where I not only got to compete and train at the NCAA Division 1 level, but be mentored and coached by a handful of veteran strength & conditioning coaches. Through their influence, I switched my focus of study to Kinesiology- Exercise Science. I was always passionate about my own training, but the idea of coaching others as a career was becoming more realistic the further I got into my studies. I wrapped up my athletic career as a conference champion, NCAA D1 National Championship qualifier, and team captain. I ended up staying at my alma mater for another year to intern for the university’s strength & conditioning department. All the books in the world couldn’t replace the knowledge I gained during this time. Not only was I able to get a behind the scenes experience for how an elite level coach operates, but I was able to train with them as well. A handful of the coaches were world class powerlifters and my admiration for the strength sports grew over time. I eventually ended up competing in a powerlifting meet and achieving a 1,510 lb raw total.

During my internship, I was also working my first personal training job at a local gym. My fiance at the time (now wife) was living in Virginia Beach, so I made plans to head a little more east and give the whole personal training thing a shot. I could never really find a gym that was the right fit. It seemed that the fitness industry was (still is) wildly confused. Gyms opening and closing left and right, no longevity amongst local trainers, and just a bunch of brands marrying to a single concept/methodology. It also didn’t help that social media made it very easy for marketable coaches to grow a bigger audience despite their lack of coaching experience and training knowledge.

It got to a point where it was either sink or swim. And to be quite honest, there was a point where I let these frustrations with the fitness industry get the best of me. Luckily I didn’t have to spend too much time on the other side to realize that I still had a vision for myself to be an impactful coach. So I decided to play by my rules and take it back to the basics: focus on being a better coach and treat people right! Since then, I’ve been pushing out content and sharing knowledge with others who are looking for sound and practical training advice. My goal is to leave a mark on this industry, raise the bar in my area, and improve the quality of life amongst those I get to work with through teaching them how to make this whole fitness thing work for their lifestyle.  Life’s been good to me and I get the opportunity to work with some pretty awesome people in different parts of the world. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything other than coaching!

When I’m away from the gym and disconnecting from the training world, you can find me exploring new places to eat and drink with my wife, laying low with my bulldog, surfing, practicing jiu jitsu, or writing and recording music.