“To me strength & conditioning is both an art and a tool. The coach is the artist and the athlete is the canvas. Each masterpiece is a result of the artist maximizing every function of their tool while tapping into their creative drive.” -N.K.

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I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Association having worked with hundreds of individuals across the world both in person and online. Because I’ve had experience working with a wide range in demographics, I don’t particularly like to mark myself down for one niche.

Over the years, I have coached:

  • Navy Seals & various special operators
  • Collegiate, high school, & youth sports teams
  • Competitive powerlifters
  • Mixed martial artists
  • Ultra runners, triathletes, cyclists
  • First responders & law enforcement
  • CEOs, doctors, & executive level clientele
  • Pre & post natal clientele
  • Cancer/remission patients
  • Special needs youth
  • A paraplegic
  • Other special populations

I have also done year long programming for a handful of large group training classes, mentored interns, and been a guest speaker for various wellness programs.



I have been an athlete for nearly my entire life and still continue compete to this day. I have competed in powerlifting, jiu jitsu, and wrestling.

As a powerlifter, I have achieved a raw total of 1520 pounds (520 squat, 370 bench, 620 deadlift). Upon completing an internship under former NFL strength coach and world champion powerlifter, Bill Gillespie, I grew an appreciation for strength sports and had the honor of training with and being mentored by a handful of world class strength athletes.

As a grappler, I have won tournaments in both gi and no-gi. I have earned my blue belt under the teaching of Gustavo Machado and plan on competing more to see how far I can go as an athlete while still running a successful business and balancing a normal home life.

Wrestling has always been my first love. I started wrestling when I was 10 years old. As a high school athlete, I was an All-American, California Greco Roman State Champion, California Freestyle State Champion, and national team member. I also had the opportunity to train overseas at the Spartak Olympic Development Center in Alushta, Ukraine. As a college athlete, I was an NCWA All-American, NCAA Division 1 National Championship qualifier, conference champion, and team captain.

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