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“I see coaching as part science, part art. While the science is our guideline for practicing principles that have been tested and proven to be effective overtime, it’s our creativity that enables us to apply those principles to the individual. I’m in the business of coaching people, not lab rats.”


I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Association having worked with hundreds of individuals across the world both in person and online. Because I’ve had experience working with a wide range in demographics, I don’t particularly like to mark myself down for one niche.

Over the years, I have coached:

  • Navy Seals & various special operators
  • Collegiate, high school, & youth sports teams
  • Competitive powerlifters
  • Mixed martial artists
  • Ultra runners, triathletes, cyclists
  • First responders & law enforcement
  • CEOs, doctors, & executive level clientele
  • Pre & post natal clientele
  • Cancer/remission patients
  • Special needs youth
  • A paraplegic
  • Other special populations

I have also done year long programming for a handful of large group training classes, mentored interns who have built their own successful career in the fitness industry, and been a guest speaker for various wellness programs.

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I have adopted principles and training methods from mentors, fellow coaches, and my years of experience in the fitness business. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and definitely don’t hop from one industry trend to another. I also do not dismiss what many would deem as “bro science” or “old school” if it has been proven to be effective from those in the past and those I currently work with.

My coaching principles are simple:

  • Individualize programming to the individual’s needs
  • Utilize a periodized and measurable programming approach
  • Minimize the chance of injury for the sake of “pushing through pain”
  • Teach realistic nutrition and recovery methods that the individual can adhere to
  • Craft workouts that progressively get more challenging, but always keep it fun!



I have been an athlete for nearly my entire life and still continue compete to this day. I have competed in wrestling, powerlifting, and jiu jitsu.

Wrestling has always been my first love. I started wrestling when I was 10 years old. As a high school athlete, I was an All-American, California Greco Roman State Champion, California Freestyle State Champion, and national team member. I also had the opportunity to train overseas at the Spartak Olympic Development Center in Alushta, Ukraine. As a college athlete, I was an NCWA All-American, NCAA Division 1 National Championship qualifier, conference champion, and team captain.

As a powerlifter, I have achieved a raw total of 1520 pounds (520 squat, 370 bench, 620 deadlift). Upon completing an internship under former NFL strength coach and world champion powerlifter, Bill Gillespie, I grew an appreciation for strength sports and had the honor of training with and being mentored by a handful of world class strength athletes.

As a grappler, I have won tournaments in both gi and no-gi. I have earned my blue belt under the teaching of Gustavo Machado and plan to continue competing for as long as my health allows me to.

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My wife and I reside in Virginia Beach, VA. We are big time foodies, enjoy live music, and raise the laziest but most loving bulldog together. When I’m not training in the gym or on the mats, working on developing my business, or spending with my wife and family, you can find me surfing  for hours or writing and recording music.